By Popular Demand – Twitter Adds Retweets

Twitter’s open architecture has allowed Twitter users to have a voice in how Twitter has evolved.   One example of this is the  “language” Twitter users have created to enhance the functionality of Twitter.

When tweeting, it is polite to quote sources of information.  Up until recently, users wanting to repost a tweet (known as ReTweeting) would have to include “RT” in front of the post.

Twitter has been listening to its users, and has added new functionality allowing for ReTweeting.

This is a text book example of not only how to maximize the value of your Beta program, but also how to leverage the intel that you gain listening to your customers into value added benefits for your products and services.

They’ve Got (Too Many) Apps For That …

It wasn’t too long ago when all a developer had to do is create an iPhone Application, and they had an instant hit.

But according to Wired Magazine, now there are over 100,000 apps in  Apple’s App Store.  With that competition, you really only have three options:

  1. Create an app better than the other 99,999 apps out there.  And then go out and promote it better than the other 99,999 apps.
  2. Create an app for app developers, such as an ad network for iPhone apps.
  3. Create an app for another network, such as Android phones.

When there is a lot of competition, there represents opportunity as well. Because that competition, at a certain point, becomes a market itself.

Showing The Luv

Southwest Airlines uses some creative communications to re-enforce the value they deliver to their customers.

Like this “thank you” message that came via a confirmation email, with a call to action to tell them about your trip in their online Travel Guide.

And then there is this banner, which appears onscreen after a purchase.  It re-enforces that Southwest Airlines does not charge for checked baggage (well,  your first two bags within the weight and size limitations).

Messages like these are important.  It is far too easy to forget to remind customers why they do business with you.  Every chance you get to need to communicate (over and over again) the value you are providing customers.