Pivoting Through Acceleration : The Value Of Data

Entrepreneurs are tested as their start up grows up “the hockey stick”, from initial concept to full execution.  They must be able to pivot, changing from sole contributor to team leader.

And through that metamorphosis, their reliance on data increases.  Data, like revenue, is oxygen for businesses.  From pipeline bottlenecks, to revenue forecasting, to funding valuations, data drives everything.

Here’s a great article on just a few ways data is important.

Source: Entrepreneur.com

Your Favorite (Former) Politician Might Be Selling Access To Your Data

In the world of high power politics, marketing is king.  And the foundation of that marketing is the CRM file.  Who donated, how much, and when?  This just the tip of the data iceberg that sophisticated campaigns collect.

This data is used to power all aspects of the campaigns, from direct mail to digital campaigns to the door to door ground campaign.

And after a campaign ends?  What happens to the voter data?  It’s rented to other candidates, of course (using a trusted third party, of course).

You can read more about the “ins and outs” of political campaign marketing in the articles sourced below.

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