About Scott

I’ve long believed that you are with whom you surround yourself.   I’m truly blessed to be surrounded, both personally and professionally, by a group of people who continually set the bar higher, ever challenging me to be a better person.   They show me how I can give back even more to my community, how I can continue to challenge myself through ongoing education, and how I can always deliver better results (typically through combination of working harder and smarter).

I was born into my profession, as a fourth generation salesperson.   I learned from those around me:  my mother was in sales, and my dad is still in sales.  His father (my grandfather) was in sales, and his father before him.  All of my uncles have had a career in sales. I was taught at a very early age to identify need by listen carefully to what people say and observing what they do, and to work tirelessly to serve those needs.

I am an experienced programmer, skilled in scripting languages and DBM.  I have developed numerous web-based applications, including a content management system for subscription websites, an Internet television management system, and numerous Facebook and PayPal applications.

In 1999 I combined programming talents with my sales skills and founded a technology acceleration and web-based application development company.

My professional experience has allowed me to play key roles in product development, global project management, marketing strategy development and execution, subscription based/ membership product marketing, viral and social marketing, membership / loyalty marketing, channel and partner development, affiliate programs creation and management, traditional and online PR, and permission marketing.

I balance my professional passions with my personal passions.  I enjoy the outdoors – and whether I’m hiking, golfing, playing tennis, sailing, or surfing (poorly),… I’m equally happy.

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