Is Blogging Dead ?

In Wired’s November issue, Paul Boutin contends that blogging is dead, a victim of micro-communication (micro-messaging / micro-blogging) technologies like Twitter.  He cites the general transition from personal to corporate blog content, competition from large publishing entities, and the recent actions from the likes of Jason Calacanis, who recently shut down the blog network that has made him millions, as signs that blogging is a dead art form.

True, blogging has evolved.  And so have other technologies, making blogging no longer the silver bullet of web traffic.  But it certainly is not dead.  It is just another online marketing tool – complimenting the content engine which delivers valuable content to users, subsequently driving online traffic.

Twitter and other micro-communication tools are excellent ways to keep in touch with existing users, but they still have not matured in their ability to drive new users.  We rely on SEO/PR, online advertising, online articles, SEM, email marketing, social network marketing, and yes, blogging. to gain awareness.

So yes, embrace micro-communication tools!  But DON’T STOP BLOGGING.  Keep generating valuable content intelligently!