“I had the pleasure of working with Scott at Experian Consumer Direct. Scott’s years of experience in the technology sector and extensive relationships within the software industry were enormously valuable to our company. Scott’s a versatile team player who has the ability to strategize and implement on the fly. I’d highly recommend working with Scott.”

Brad Simmons
SVP Marketing – SoFi


“Scott’s knowledge of digital marketing, business development skill and his attention to detail were the first of his qualities that impressed me. Once I began working with Scott more closely and saw him advise our sales organization and our clients on how the digital marketing channel combined with Experian’s vast data and analytical assets could improve marketing ROI, I was blown away by his effectiveness. It was Scott’s immense talent at shaping and solving for the unique nature of each clients problem that became clear to me as his highest skill. And with this substance, Scott has a warm and engaged style that challenges our clients way of thinking but remains wholly collaborative and client-focused. Scott is an excellent product and business development leader and I would recommend him to any organization.”

David Proctor
COO – BIS / Experian


“I had the pleasure of working with Scott for 5+ years. He is an expert digital advertising sales and marketing leader who consistently exceeds budget by rigorously focusing on client centricity. Scott is a driven individual who will succeed as both team member and leader. I give him my highest recommendation.”

Kevin Dean
General Manager – Experian Marketing Services


“I had the good fortune to work with Scott over the past couple of years and I was incredibly impressed with his knowledge of Digital Marketing / Credit, and also his professionalism and overall business acumen. Scott was intensely client focused and he helped me and my team out in a multitude of scenarios. He not only brought great value, but he consistently emerged as a leader and the “go to” resource. On top of all that, and perhaps most importantly, Scott is a high quality person and someone who has my full endorsement and respect.”

Steve Rufino
Senior Vice President – Experian


“I worked with Scott on closing a large digital marketing partner and I was impressed with Scott’s ability to negotiate complex global agreements, his grasp of the digital marketing ecosystem, and his role as our SME in the space.”

Brian Herb
CFO – Experian North America


“I have had the pleasure to work with Scott Gordon for the past 5 years. Scott is a strategic thinker, problem solver, honest, trustworthy and an all around pleasure to work with. Scott is highly effective and thorough in his business engagements, near and long term goals /objectives and how to seamlessly execute to create value for his business partners. Scott takes pride in his relationships which foster great results and very positive ROI for all parties involved. I very highly recommend Scott Gordon.”

Tom Weeda
Vice President, Business Development – Viant


“I had the opportunity and the pleasure to work with Scott when we were growing Experian’s new and strategic Digital Advertising Services group together, including a period in which Scott reported directly to me. Scott was absolutely one of the most professional, intelligent and effective sales people/sales leaders I’ve ever worked with. His combination of deep solution and industry knowledge, creative thinking, persistence and approachable style was very effective in creating impactful deals and bringing new digital partners and marketers into our portfolio. Scott not only has a high degree of professionalism and product knowledge – but has a strong work ethic, is a highly motivated/motivating sales leader and is extremely goal oriented in achieving objectives. I would highly recommend him for any sales or sales leadership role.”

Brian Bradtke
VP – Channel Partners – Vibes


“Scott is a high-energy, flexible business development professional with a truly impressive network. I appreciated his persistence, focus, creativity and results. He takes the long view of relationships and focuses on the overall strategic nature of an opportunity, which makes him a true asset. He has a passion for connecting companies and people, and brings an authentic, personal style to his work that makes him a pleasure to do business with.”

Jennifer Leuer
President – Experian Partner Solutions


“I have had the pleasure of working with Scott briefly at Experian Consumer Direct. He is thoughtful, intelligent and has a keen ability to strategize, negotiate and implement new business development partnerships. Scott is an asset to any organization.”

Klaudette Christensen
VP Product Management – Experian Credit Services


“Working with Scott on some of our company’s largest deals really demonstrated the type of persistent negotiator and team leader he is. Scott understands the complex digital marketing and data space that is critical for clients in their marketing requirements. This knowledge was essential in helping craft agreements and see them through to their conclusions by all parties. As a manager, he collaborates with his team to ensure equal participation that leads to success. Under his team leadership, we experienced exponential growth over our two years together, and succeeded in partnership agreements with many of the largest agencies and companies in the technology sector. 

Without hesitation, I would recommend Scott for any role in a company that is looking for team leadership, sales success and growing their business.”

Kevin Wilk
Sales Director – Experian Marketing Services


“Scott and I worked together at CyberDefender where he helped us source, qualify and close strategic relationships. I found Scott to be incredibly professional, reliable and resourceful particularly when faced with limited resources. He has an amazing ability to mine relationships and to make connnections. Plus he has a depth of creative ideas that are always useful. I’d welcome working with Scott again and would highly recommend him to other organizations.”

Viviana Rueda
Senior Director Marketing – Experian


“Scott Gordon is the Quiet Storm – he says exactly what he is going to accomplish and then gets it done. He engenders tremendous respect in the clients with whom he works for his attention to detail and his effectiveness. He clearly knows what he is doing and is an effective execution resource for any product launch or acceleration. Scott is among the most effective people I know.”

Riggs Eckelberry
President – Origin Clear